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Pork insulin no longer available by online order but it is available by phone order

The discontinuation of pork insulins by Lilly in the US has lead to a lot of distress for the people who need it and especially for those who are unable to tolerate GM synthetic human and analogues insulins.

It is possible to import pork insulins [and beef] on a personal importation basis from Wockhardt UK but this process requires a letter from a doctor in the US stating that pork insulin is essential treatment. The main problem experienced by many people is that they cannot find a doctor who is prepared to write the necessary letter.

Wockhardt UK received marketing approval for Hypurin Regular Pork and Hypurin NPH Pork insulins in Canada early in 2006 and it has been possible to buy these insulins over-the-counter in Canada – without a doctor’s letter. In addition, at least two pharmacies were providing Hypurin Regular Pork and Hypurin NPH Pork insulins by ordering online without a doctor’s letter. Unfortunately, it appears that this service has now been stopped. No explanation has been offered but it is NOT due to a shortage of the Hypurin Pork insulins.

Until fairly recently it has been possible for people in the USA to obtain Hypurin Pork insulin online from Canadian pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription or letter confirming the reasons why pork insulin is a necessity. It appears that this service has now stopped, therefore we have been advising that the only option left to people who need pork insulin is to import from Wockhardt UK. However, this not without problems as some people have found that on arrival the insulin has lost its potency due to the length of time it has taken to reach them..

There is now more positive news from Robert Francesconi who has very recently received pork insulin from Canada Pharmacy Online. Here is how he did it…

  • He phoned Canada Pharmacy Online and spoke to a helpful pharmacist and explained that US doctors cannot write a prescription for a drug that is not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration as by doing so, such a doctor could jeopardize both his prescribing privileges as well as his license to practice medicine.
    The details of Canada Pharmacy online are Tel 1 866 920 3784, toll free fax 1 866 930 3784.
  • He then explained that in lieu of a prescription, he could offer:
    1. A copy of my US Department of Agriculture permit to import, VS FORM 16- 6A(MAR 95)
    2. A copy of my physician’s certificate of medical necessity* Click here for sample letter
    3. A copy of my certification for personal use* Click here for sample letter

He faxed the 3 documents with payment and received his insulin within 4 days.

Robert has checked with other pharmacies in Canada and placed a further order which again was received a few days later


HbA1c Converter

This is just to remind you that the HbA1c measurements have changed. Well, they were supposed to change everywhere but predictably this doesn't appear to be the case. Some people and some articles are still using the old measurements so it is important that we are aware of both.

Here is a table showing the current DCCT measurements, the proposed new IFCC measurements, and the average blood glucose measurements you can expect to be associated with each particular level of HbA1c

HbA1c (DCCT) Current measurement (%)

HbA1c (IFCC) Measurement from June 2011 (mmol/mol)

Average blood glucose level for this HbA1c, mmol/L



7.0 (range 5.5-8.5)



8.6 (range 6.8-10.3)



10.2 (range 8.1-12.1)



11.8 (range 9.4-13.9)



13.4 (range 10.7-15.7)



14.9 (range 12.0-17.5)



16.5 (range 13.3-19.3)



18.6 (range 14.6-21.1)