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Campaigning against proposed disability benefit changes

“Shaping the Future of Care”
In our IDDT’s October Newsletter we informed members that we had joined with other charities to raise serious concerns about the Government’s green paper which revealed plans to abolish Attendance Allowance [AA] and leaves the way clear to end the care component of the Disability Living Allowance [DLA]. This will affect millions of people including some with diabetes and so we asked members to write to their MPs to let them know that they, and we, are unhappy with the proposals. We are grateful to all our members who took this action, as without it MPs would be unaware of the strength of feeling amongst people before the proposals are presented to Parliament as a White Paper. This means that it is discussed and can eventually become law.

What was achieved very quickly

  • Within hours of the news of the threat to AA and DLA, people began to make their feelings known and almost all were against the proposals.
  • Many charities, even the large ones, were unaware of the existence of the threat but they were inundated with e-mails and letters and so were ‘forced’ to take a stance.
  • Almost 22,000 people signed a petition protesting against threats to DLA and AA on the No 10 website.
  • There were enough concerned people to ensure that nearly every MP was made aware of the anger and fears that the threat to DLA and AA causes and there questions and debates in both Houses of Parliament and the Scottish and Welsh Assemblies.
  • The Conservatives announced that they would oppose plans to incorporate AA into funding for the National Care Service.”

So a great deal was achieved and sufficient pressure was raised that Health Secretary, Andy Burnham announced, “I can state categorically that we have now ruled out any suggestion that DLA for under-65s will be brought into the new National Care Service.”
However, while this appears to have forced the government to rule out the option of taking away DLA for the under-65s, it has also put them in a position of admitting, albeit by omission, that DLA for those over 65 and AA are still under threat. 

What happens now?
It is now a question of waiting to see what is in the White Paper if, or when it is published.

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