Withdrawal of Mixtard 30

Novo Nordisk plans to withdraw Mixtard 30
Nearest equivalent insulins to Mixtard 30
Humulin M3 injection pens – KwikPen available
IDDT opposes Mixtard 30 withdrawal

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Marketing of insulin – a missed opportunity


Nearest equivalent insulin to Mixtard 30

Mixtard 30 is human premixed insulin 30% of which is short-acting insulin and 70% is intermediate-acting, isophane insulin.

Humulin M3 is the nearest equivalent insulin to Mixtard 30. It is made by Eli Lilly and is also human premixed insulin made up of 30% short-acting insulin and 70% intermediate-acting, isophane insulin.

The only pre-mixed insulin that will be available from Novo Nordisk is NovoMix 30, an analogue premixed insulin 30% of rapid-acting NovoRapid [aspart] insulin and 70% protamine insulin aspart. This is not the same, nor even similar as NovoMix 30 has a very different peak and duration of action to Mixtard 30, as the chart below clearly demonstrates. The chart also demonstrates that Humulin M3 is more similar to Mixtard 30 than NovoMix 30.

So if you are forced to change from Mixtard 30, then the nearest equivalent insulin is Humulin M3. Clearly, Novo Nordisk will want people to stay with their brand of insulin, in this case NovoMix 30, and you may be advised to do this but remember, this is not the same. IDDT’s advice is to discuss your options with your diabetes team and if you want the nearest equivalent insulin, then ask to change to Humulin M3 and not NovoMix 30. 

Duration of the peak of action of premixed insulins

  Hour 0 1 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
Mixtard 30 human                            
Humulin M3 human                            
Pork 30/70 pork                            
NovoMix 30 human                            


Information drawn from MIMS, June 2010


HbA1c Converter

This is just to remind you that the HbA1c measurements have changed. Well, they were supposed to change everywhere but predictably this doesn't appear to be the case. Some people and some articles are still using the old measurements so it is important that we are aware of both.

Here is a table showing the current DCCT measurements, the proposed new IFCC measurements, and the average blood glucose measurements you can expect to be associated with each particular level of HbA1c

HbA1c (DCCT) Current measurement (%)

HbA1c (IFCC) Measurement from June 2011 (mmol/mol)

Average blood glucose level for this HbA1c, mmol/L



7.0 (range 5.5-8.5)



8.6 (range 6.8-10.3)



10.2 (range 8.1-12.1)



11.8 (range 9.4-13.9)



13.4 (range 10.7-15.7)



14.9 (range 12.0-17.5)



16.5 (range 13.3-19.3)



18.6 (range 14.6-21.1)